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July 27, 2016

The Surgery Protocol

2 weeks post-op

(Photo: 2 Weeks Post-Op)

The Surgery Protocol. Caveat: this is not medical advice…just what I do.

First an update on my foot’s recovery. Photo shows my foot at 2 weeks post-op. Stitches are out. After comparing side-by-side Xrays, I am ecstatic that what was then a 17-degree angle between big toe and 2nd toe is  now just 6 degrees! The “bunion” we see now is really not there. It’s all just swelling. In my impatience I expected all bruising and swelling to be gone – “POOF!” at the two-week mark. I’m told by my surgeon that the swelling will last (usually lasts, that is) for about 5 months! He says I’m healing perfectly. The big toe and 2nd toe are running parallel, which is the goal. I’m using a “spacer” which makes that space look a bit weird, but that’s for optimal healing.

THE PROTOCOL (do at your own risk)

For two weeks before and after surgery, I AVOID

Vitamin E
Fish and Flax Oils

Two weeks before surgery I START

Zinc 60mg – with meal
Ubiquinol 50mg twice/day with meals
Pantothenic Acid 500mg per day with meals
Magnesium 500mg with meal
Vitamin D3 10,000 iu/day
Vitamin B-12 sublingual: 1/day

Ascorbic acid crystals: 2000mg 3/day FOR ONE WEEK THEN STOP 1 week before surgery

Day before surgery:

I take one dose (3 globules) Bellis Perennis 30C (homeopathic, by Boiron in blue tube). This is the remedy for surgeries below the waist. If above the waist I substitute Aconite 30C.

I take 10 drops homeopathic T-Relief (previously Traumeel) under tongue

Day of surgery:
As soon as able to take anything by mouth I start this regimen:

Bellis Perennis 30C – 3 globules 4x/day for two weeks, then reduce to 2x/day for two weeks
T-relief – 10 drops under tongue 4x/day for two weeks, then reduce to 2x/day for two weeks
Systemic Enzymes 4 caps 4x/day on EMPTY STOMACH (1 week only) then reduce to 3 caps 3x/day for 1 week
and then reduce again to 3 caps 2x/day for a month
add another 60mg zinc at bedtime
add another 500mg magnesium at bedtime
L-Arginine 500mg at bedtime
Ornithine 250mg at bedtime (Pure Encapsulations contains both L-Arginine and Ornithine in these amounts in one capsule in their “Growth Hormone Support” product)
RESTART Ascorbic Acid Powder 2000mg 3x/day between meals. At 3 weeks postop, reduce to about 1000 3x/day between meals.

After 2 weeks I go back to my usual regimen. However, I plan to continue systemic enzymes in a lower dosage indefinately. Systemic enzymes behave completely differently if you eat the enzymes with meals. That only helps to digest your food. This protocol suggests taking them on an empty stomach.