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July 24, 2016

Post-Op Issues

(Photo: 1 week post-op)

Post-Op Issues

 It’s been 5 days since my last post. Unfortunately, my incision was infected and the pain got worse. So much for being off all pain meds! Along with taking a strong antibiotic, I was told it was time to start walking on my left foot—boot on, of course. I had kept all weight off the foot for a full week, using crutches and a walker I called my scooter. When my surgeon asked why, I said, “because that’s what you told me to do.” He had said, “complete bed rest for a week”. Now, at the 1-week post-op he seemed dumbfounded. He apologized for the “miscommunication”, and told me I should have been walking (boot on) day 1. I compensated by immediately hurling myself into weight-on, full-out walking around the house. Consequently my bruising increased, pain increased exponentially, and I had to resort to one percoset each afternoon at around 4pm.

Enough. I’m doing all right but have some real concerns. The foot doesn’t look that much different—after all this work. Maybe (I hope) it’s the swelling, but I expected my big toe to point straight and the ball joint to be barely noticeable. Will have to see the Xray this Weds. at my 2-week post-op visit. This time, I’m determined to make him show me a side-by-side Xray with the before and after shots. Meanwhile, he also gave me an exercise I’m doing religiously twice a day, working the big toe up and down.

In my next post I’ll share the Surgery Protocol!