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September 28, 2016

Seasonal Change! Endless Hunger!

Seasonal Change! Endless Hunger!

Here we are in the change of seasons. It’s cooler, and if you’re like me, you are hungrier. I can’t believe how much I want to eat, and eat I did—while recuperating from my June foot surgery. I’m 7 lbs. up from my pre-surgical happy weight, and there are only six weeks for me to lose it before going under the knife again! Not only can I expect to gain weight again—it will be the holidays!

I’m focused on losing that extra 7 lbs. right now, and the cooler weather is making me hungry all of the time. Here’s my plan, and you may want to try it. If you do, I’d love to know your results and you can email me at claimyourbestbody@gmail.com.

  • Daily morning fat-burning walk 30 minutes
  • Daily strength-building exercises 20 minutes
  • Daily stretching 10 minutes, including thyroid stimulation (down dog squeeze chin to neck and and release with arch up)
  • Snack planning – protein snacks every 3 ½ hours between meals. If still hungry, eat more protein with a little fat but no starch
  • Limited starch. Include ¼ cup rice once per day at one meal, to avoid craving for chips
  • Allow more fat, especially in the form of coconut or MCT oil
  • Eat more soups and stews for warmth and calming
  • Add seaweed for warmth and thyroid stimulation. When cold, snack on dulse.
  • Hang on inversion table more often. While upside-down, squeeze chin to chest for thyroid stimulation.
  • For general wellbeing and continued foot bone healing, eat lots of cooked greens
  • Lay off raw veggies to avoid being cold and ungrounded. Eat tons of non-starchy cooked veggies.