February 23, 2017
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Let’s Lose Ten Pounds Together!

OMG! It’s almost March and time to prepare for skimpier clothing. I’ve got to admit that I have been lacking motivation to get back into shape after gaining 8 lbs. with my two back-to-back foot surgeries. How about you? Carrying a little extra baggage left over from the holidays?

These feet are healed and I am happily exercising again. Pickleball and hiking in the foothills are feeling awfully good. But the weight is not going away!

Besides my preference for loser fitting clothing, I feel much more energetic when I’m “on my program”. At 62, I’m noticing that 5-10 extra pounds really make me look older too. The “puff” seems to go right to my face and drag everything down. And those dark circles weren’t there before!

How about we work on losing 10 lbs together? I’d love to be back to my pre-surgery weight by June 1st and I know that’s doable for most people, especially if we love ourselves through it! That’s only about 3 lbs. per month. If you follow the program I’ve offered in my book you will probably be down ten pounds much more quickly – I’d guess 6 weeks. Then, staying with the program, you’ll keep it off through the summer months and beyond…

WEEKS 1-6:

Start by becoming a fat-burning machine. Follow these simple steps and talk yourself through your resistance:

  1. Each of three meals: Eat 24+ grams of protein with lots of non-starchy veggies but no grains. That means no potatoes either. A small fruit for dessert is okay but NO bananas or mangos.
  2. Don’t go over 20 grams of fat with each meal.
  3. Of course, sugar’s out. You’ll do much better without fake sugars too. Stevia rocks, but use the whole leaf kind without additives.
  4. If you are dying for chips, breads, or pasta, remind yourself you can incorporate those in about a month. Add ¼ cup cooked rice into your lunch or dinner, eaten with the rest of the meal—only if you really need it to keep from falling off the wagon.
  5. Fruit can be eaten whole. Not juice. You can blenderize it into a shake though. Eat fruit only when you’re also having protein. Example: 3 eggs and ½ apple for breakfast.
  6. NO sweet drinks. Water, coffee, tea, seltzer (no “natural” flavorings except your fresh-squeezed lime or lemon). Sweeten ONLY with whole leaf stevia or lakanto.
  7. Three snacks in-between meals. 12+grams of protein, no more than 10 grams fat, and no more than 18 grams of carbs. NO STARCH.
  8. If you like to drink alcohol, stick to red wine for now. An ounce of low-fat hard cheese with a glass of red wine is a great treat in the evening! If you have a second glass, add another ounce of lowfat cheese with it.
  9. For the first week, allow yourself a couple drops of heavy cream in your first cup of coffee. After that, drink it black.
  10. Don’t forget to incorporate probiotic foods and/or supplements into your program.
  11. If you want to work on your tone, click here for my favorite exercise video!

If you need ideas for meals and snacks, you’ll find all you need in Chapter 2 of Claim Your Best Body – the Easier Way!

About the author:

Sue Rose has studied whole food nutrition and alternative therapies for over 40 years. She learned from some of the top physicians in the country, including Dr. Geoff and Cheri Jones, founders of the Jones Institute for Advanced Medicine (Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine), Oak Brook, Illinois; Dr. Jonathan Miller, (classical homeopathy), San Francisco, California; Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Founder, Institute of Body-Mind Centering (movement re-education and hands-on repatterning), Amherst, Massachusetts; and Dr. John Upledger, Founder, The Upledger Institute (cranio-sacral therapy), Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. As a Certified Nutritional Counselor, Sue helped her clients lose weight, regain their positive outlook, improve memory, and increase their energy. Today, she writes books to help people uncover their intrinsic vitality and live healthier, happier lives.

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