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January 18, 2016

Melting Fat with Non-Exercise

Melting Fat: Laurie’s Weight Loss Journey, Post #3

Jan. 11

L: Sue, I really perked up when I read the chapter titled “The Importance of Non- Exercise – or How to Move Less and Burn More”.

I was discouraged about exercise.  I had it in my mind that I had to do rigorous exercise like biking or skiing to be effective.  But I am out of shape and can’t keep up with my buddies.

When you explained the fat burning zone I realized that walking IS effective.  Now I am back on track and building up so I can join my friends for the other.

S: Laurie, it’s amazing how many people exercise too rigorously to burn fat! Once you incorporate these simple concepts, your health will return!

L: Dear Sue, I had a little bit of a rough day yesterday.  I let myself get hungry and it was unsettling.  Next time I will stop and fix stir fry with coconut oil and a little protein.

What did I do well?   I added hills to my walking! Sue, What do you think about mayo as a fat?

 S: Personally I love mayo. I eat it often. However, I’m already at the weight and BMI I want to maintain. That is much different than having to melt away fat and build muscle. Keep track of your fat intake. Keep it below 20 grams daily and make sure it’s divided up proportionately among your meals and snacks! That said; if mayo is what you want, go for it!

Jan. 12

Hi Sue,  after being on restricted activity for most of last year I realize what an honor and privilege it is to exercise.  I hope everyone will know that without having to learn it the hard way. I am so looking forward to feeling good and fit again.  It will be something when I can fit into my ski pants again.

It rains a lot here in Oregon so I have decided to become a “rain walker” instead of cringing at the weather. Just now it is very windy so I am a “wind walker”!

After last year I also realized how much stress has to do with eating and gaining weight.  Anything I can do to relax mentally and physically is a priority.  Sue, your first chapter explaining the effects of gut flora on mood is a revelation to me.  Just think if I had known that a while ago.

What brand chocolate do you like?  Have you discovered Brix?

S: Laurie, I’m so happy to hear of your continuing progress. Brix? Have not tried it yet. I’m pretty much hooked on Bark Thins. They are all organic, and I choose the one with salt and pumpkin seeds, since it’s gluten-free and not-so-sweet!


January 14, 2016

Cooking for One on the Eve of My Powerball Victory

In preparation for winning the largest jackpot in Powerball history, I determined to make myself a fabulous meal. Perusing the contents of my fridge, I was pleased to find not only a nice sized wild-caught salmon filet, but also a bunch of golden beets. “Hmmmmm, said I.

“What if I roasted those beets, and placed them on bed of greens with perfectly grilled salmon? And what if I added a smattering of feta for bite?”

I preheated the oven immediately.

After chunking the peeled golden beets, I rubbed them with coconut oil and rosemary and tucked them in the oven. Revisiting the fridge for the feta and lettuce, I spotted three yokes of cage-free eggs that I had saved, those gorgeous orange-yellow orbs that hardly resemble their less fortunate caged cousins. I had set them aside yesterday, imagining the delight of homemade mayonnaise at the nearest opportunity.

“How perfect!” I often top my salmon with mayonnaise, and this occasion—the night of my well-deserved windfall—would be the perfect time to learn how to make my own.

Sashaying over to the oven to peek in on my roasting beets, I spotted a slightly under-ripe Bartlett. “Hmmmm….roasted pear also? Can one have too much pleasure?”

Yes, Yes, YES! (No, one cannot have too much pleasure. Yes, one must roast the pear.)

I dragged a stool from my office into the kitchen so that I could reach the uppermost cupboard above the fridge—a place where short people seldom go. There it was–the half-full bottle of organic first-press maple syrup! It had been a gift from a lost love gone bad. He did steal $8000 from me, but what the heck! I got this really nice maple syrup.

And truly, who cares? Tonight I become a billionaire!

Since I had no shallot to mince into the syrup, I took a shortcut and shook in a few dried minced onions, then coated my pear slices.

Shoving the beets over to one side, in went the Bartletts!

While the pears and beets browned, I washed and plated the lettuce, and sprinkled a little feta around. Now for the salmon, which needs to broil while I make mayonnaise.

All I need for the mayo are my three gorgeous yokes, some XV olive oil, a fresh lemon, salt and pepper, and Dijon. No Dijon, but I’ll just use my Gulden’s spicy. I have no idea how much of each to use. Because I’m working on trust, I choose to trust my taste buds in this process.

Bad idea. The food processor was too big for this small amount of liquid and I had run out of pepper. The sloppy sauce was way too sour, and wouldn’t thicken. Oh well. Just like relationships, you can’t expect every cooking experiment to work. Instead, I dotted my salmon with butter, drizzled the would-be mayo over it, and broiled away.

I paired my salad with a French Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc. With delightful fare like this, who needs bread?

As I slipped into hedonistic trance, an idea filtered through: When do they do the drawing?











January 12, 2016

Snacking for Weight Loss

Following Laurie’s Weight Loss Journey, Post #2:

L: Snacking! I did very well this week with good snacks except for one day.
I had a Killer Breakfast then didn’t eat until 1.  By then I was so hungry I had two big portions for lunch and spent the next couple of hours with an uncomfortable tummy.

S: Laurie, snacking on some protein every 3 to 3 ½ hours is really important. This should be balanced with just a bit of non-starchy carbs. My favorite snacks are either one hard-boiled egg and half an apple or a whole plum, or a turkey roll-up with julienne carrots and celery or peppers and dill pickle in the center. Be creative!

L: I like the clarity and guideline regarding cheese.  We now have only cheese with more protein then fat in the refrigerator.  It makes for quick easy snacking with fruit.

S: Nice job! I love the Jarlsburg Lite. Once you have reached your desired weight and BMI (body mass index) you will be able to eat lots more fat than you need now, because you are changing your body mass to more muscle and less fat. I  have enjoyed my right weight and BMI for several years, and I eat tons of fat, and don’t get out of balance unless I eat starch!

L: Week about 3 1/2 – I have been a little impatient to get up to 4 capsules of probiotics a day, oops, but it is going well.

S: Be sure to drink lots of water with the probiotics. Don’t go any faster than the plan! Your body is changing and you need to be patient while you reach homeostasis.

L: I am eating Greek yogurt every day with blueberries, but don’t know if I can handle kefir.  I was talking to a friend about it who said there are some good prepared ones that taste like a yogurt drink.

S: Why don’t you think you can handle kefir? Remember that we’re talking about non-sweetened, whole milk kefir. The benefits of kefir far outweigh those of yogurt. However, if you like yogurt better, stick with it for now! Also, don’t forget to figure in the carbs that are in the yogurt or kefir when you are trying to lose weight.

L: Her son is a bartender and he makes a cocktail with kambuchi and gin “that tastes like ambrosia”.  Really ?!  I will have to check that out.

S: Well, I’m not going to recommend gin, but if you have a good meal beforehand you will fare better than drinking it on an empty stomach! When you drink alcohol (red wine is best), consider snacking on a  little nibble of cheese or other protein with it.

January 7, 2016

Laurie’s Weight Loss Journey Begins…

It’s great to hear from readers who are working their way through Claim Your Best Body – the Easier Way!

You can email me through the website. Be sure to let me know if it’s OK to share your letters!

Laurie’s Progress, from Ashland, Oregon:



L: Hi Sue, I am very impressed with your knowledge and writing. The book is great. Congratulations on publishing it. It’s a lot of work. Well done!

I started on probiotics and fiber, using xylitol when I got stopped up.  Working on no sugar, and more protein.


L: Week 2 and I am feeling soooo much better.  And I have lost 4 lbs.


L: Your book is a revelation. It makes total sense and is DOABLE. What a relief to find real help.
2016 is my year.


L: What did I do well? What would I do differently?  I am trying to keep these in mind so I don’t focus on what I did that was “bad”.

What I am doing well – because I am self-employed I have a lot of freedom with my routine. I lose track of time while working and get too hungry and tired and run out of time to exercise.  So I set the alarm, with funny sounds of course.  I decided a time that would work for a fat burning session aka fast walk.   I don’t have to think about it just go, and then feel better.

I also set the alarm, rooster crows, for 3:30 and make sure I eat a small protein and non-starchy carb.  It really helps to not get so ravenous in late afternoon.  Mom told me not to snack and that has backfired.

I have always had a nasty aversion to coconut, and am happy to know about expeller pressed that doesn’t taste. Thank heaven!!!
I will give it a try.

What would I do differently?  I will be more aware.   I unconsciously ate a taquito that hubby had out.  It wasn’t even good.  Why eat crap?!

S: Nice job NOT beating yourself up. Laurie! We should all do that all of the time, when we feel we have come up short.


Hey Sue, on Monday the surgeon put in 10 stitches to close up a hole left over from the Dec 1 surgery.  It is uncomfortable and still bleeding.

I walked 2 days, and then just couldn’t do it 2 days.  I used to be such an exerciser, but now it’s very hard to get going.

I want to ski but can’t until I heal, frustrating.
I am really hoping that as I get out of pain it will get easier.

I want to get back to cycling too. I gave it up 3 years ago because of neck pain. Hoping the reduction has taken enough pressure off so I can enjoy it without pain.

S: Laurie, here’s where you have to remind yourself that your body knows more about itself than anyone outside it – including me. Listen and honor your body’s cues. When you walked, were you twisting your trunk and pushing to go fast? Perhaps just a really easy walk – even if it’s not in the fat-burning zone – will prepare your muscles and tissues for more. Better to go easier and do it every second day until you feel better.

Forget about skiing for now! Baby steps. Get the walk down first. Once you can take a 30-minute walk in the fat-burning zone three to five days a week, and there’s no pain or bleeding anymore, you can add some hiking or snowshoeing…not too steep. Remember how you learned to read? First you had to learn the alphabet!

Of course it will get easier. Just make it easy enough now so that you don’t give up. Consistency is important, whether you start your exercising every day or once a week! This is the reason I encourage readers to go one chapter at a time. Now that you’ve breezed through the entire book, can you drop back and only tackle one chapter until you really have it down—before moving on?

Moms are great. Mine used to say, “Patience must have her perfect work.”





January 4, 2016

Pain Away Trick #2: The Inversion Table

Here’s a piece of equipment that will save you time and money as well as mitigating any joint pain you are dealing with. An inversion table will help keep your bones in alignment, assist in lymphatic circulation, and allow your spine to traction against gravity. There are many health benefits not only to your lymph and spine, including respiratory, circulatory, digestive, mental, and cosmetic benefits.

After years of chiropractic adjustments, I needed to find a way to spend less money staying aligned. I tried out a $325 inversion table from HangUps, and I’m still using it 15 years later! You just clamp your ankles down and gently turn upside down. The fulcrum design of the apparatus allows you to control your position just by moving your arms from down by your sides, to up over your head.

Sometimes when I hang, nothing will pop, but usually, I will feel my hips and ribs readjusting. The tractioning of my spine is pain-relieving, and while I’m upside down, I take a moment to massage my neck, lengthening and tractioning it further.

Chiropractors who have treated me throughout the years have agreed that the inversion table is an asset for just about everyone. I hang for about a minute once or twice a day, and now only go the chiropractor about once every 4 to 6 months. Granted, there have been injuries that required intensive chirpractic care, and there really is no substitute for a good, hands-on adjustment when it’s needed.

The inversion table does more than provide traction to your spine. Lymph – your “other” blood, doesn’t get pumped by the heart. It only circulates by way of mechanical movement (e.g. exercise.) It is your lymphatic system that cleanses your body of toxins. Inverted positions allow gravity to draw the lymphatic fluids out of your lower extremities and cleanse your body of toxins in the process, which powers up your immune system..While regular exercise can help get your lymphatic system working better, combining exercise with a few minutes of inversion therapy every day works far better.

The only people who’ve tried hanging on my table and have not liked it are those who have high blood pressure. For them, being upside down causes pressure in the head. The only other down side is where to put the table. The HangUps table I use folds up, and could be stored under the bed. But if I did that, I wouldn’t hang often, and that’s counterproductive. I keep mine set up, in a handy spot in my living room. It’s not terribly attractive, but the convenience of hopping up to invert often is worth it.



December 26, 2015

PAIN AWAY Trick #1 – Earthing

Earthing. Nothing better in the world. I use an earthing (AKA grounding) mat as a computer mouse pad so that I’m almost always touching it with my wrist throughout my workday. At night, I have one in my bed, and I make sure I’m touching it while I’m sleeping. My friends wonder why I feel so good, and this is one of the reasons.

Back in the late 1800’s Edison Electric and Westinghouse battled over the benefits and risks of DC (direct current) vs AC (alternating current). Three aspects of their arguments (safety, economics, and politics) merged into battle known as the War of Currents. Unfortunately for the health of our bodies, AC won out. The health risks of electromagnetic fields we’re all aware of today are the result of the alternating current standard. I won’t make specific claims here, but studies have linked EMFs to many disorders of the body.

Our bodies thrive on the direct current we receive when we walk barefoot on the earth—hence the term, “earthing”. Have you noticed how good it feels to walk barefoot on a beach, or spend time weeding the garden without gloves on? When you touch a plant, a tree, or the ground with your bare skin, you are absorbing the direct current our bodies love and deserve.

I learned about earthing a decade ago and was scoffed at when I tried to explain my high energy and lack of pain to my clients and friends. Since then, many medical doctors who are interested in preventive medicine have taken up the torch and promoted earthing. All I can suggest is that you try it out. Take your coffee outside and sit with bare feet on the grass while you drink it. Just 20 minutes can relieve pain in your joints, take away headaches and even cure hangovers. More is even better, which is the reason I use grounding mats most of the day and all night long.

Here are two photographs of a blood sample. The left side shows blood cells of a person who is not grounded. The clumping together of the cells reduces the surface area of each, limiting cellular respiration. The slide on the right shows the same person’s blood only seconds after grounding. The blood cells have “unclumped”, allowing for proper assimilation and elimination.

Try grounding first without spending any money. Find ways to touch the earth and plants, trees and rocks with your bare skin. It only takes a tiny part of your skin touching the earth to do the trick. Walk barefoot whenever you can. When you are lucky enough to go to a beach, for heaven’s sake, don’t wear shoes. It drives me crazy to see people jogging on the beach with sneakers on! The soles of their shoes are cutting off the direct current from the earth—and it’s like manna from heaven, really.

Once you are ready to shell out a little money, purchase a grounding apparatus from earthing.com. My clients report that they sleep better, have less need to get up in the middle of the night for bathroom breaks, and lose their joint pain!



December 25, 2015

Got Pain?

Got Pain?

Arthritis? Sports injuries? Random pain? In my next three posts I’ll share my favorite three pain-prevention and mitigation tricks! Have a Merry Christmas, and come back tomorrow for Pain Away Trick #1!


December 20, 2015

Fix Metabolic Syndrome and Syndrome X

Door #1 or Door #2?

Have you or someone you love been diagnosed with Syndrome X or Metabolic Syndrome?

Perhaps that doc explained to you (or them) the reason for the diagnosis and how insulin responds to your diet and exercise habits. Chances are they didn’t explain it very well, and perhaps you wonder how to fix it without joining the millions of people who are jumping on the drug prescription merry-go-round and ruining their body’s natural propensity toward vibrant health.

Metabolic Syndrome: You’re Almost Diabetic!

Metabolic syndrome is like a waiting room you get put into if you have three out of five of these symptoms:

  • Insulin resistance
  • Abdominal fat accumulation
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • High triglycerides
  • Low HDL cholesterol (the good kind)


This room has two doors. You can pick either one. If you continue along the path you’ve been on, without changing your eating and exercise habits, you cross the room and walk through the door on the other side (Door #2) which leads you to the Type 2 Diabetes room.

If, however, you choose not to go there, and you are willing to make some modifications to your lifestyle habits, you can turn around and exit the room altogether (Door #1). You get to choose to avoid having Type 2 Diabetes! (And if you’re already been diagnosed, you can actually get rid of it!)

All you have to do is follow the steps in Chapters 2 and 3 of Claim Your Best Body – the Easier Way! You can actually reverse some of your symptoms and become healthier than you ever imagined, like the gentleman who attended my training at a large corporation in Denver (his testimonial is in Chapter 2).


December 18, 2015

Health Trivia: Who Was Ancel Keys?

The cholesterol and saturated fat myth was launched by a physiologist named Ancel Keys. Keys was so certain that he knew the reason for heart disease that he created a study (The Seven Countries Study) that would prove his hypothesis. The bottom line is that Keys cherry-picked his data to confirm his hypothesis and the resulting devastation has manifested as our current epidemic of obesity, metabolic syndrome, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Back in 1961, Time ran Keys’ photo on its cover with the “conclusions” he championed: that heart disease was caused by the consumption of saturated fats and cholesterol; and that people should not eat animal fats and instead should consume polyunsaturated fats. This was extremely unfortunate.

Time ran an apologetic cover article in 2014 titled, “EAT BUTTER: Scientists labeled fat the enemy. Why they were wrong.” In case you missed it, you can Google the article, or “Ancel Keys” or “The Seven Countries Study” and be sure to read up on “benefits of saturated fats” and go wild. The Resources section after chapter 5 in Claim Your Best Body – The Easier Way! will get you started.

December 17, 2015

Buying the Book on iBooks

Sorry to take you to another spot on my own site. iBooks is an app on your Apple device; not a website like Amazon (for Kindle users) so it’s a bit more work to construct a link for you that takes you directly from my site to my book in the iBooks store.

It can be done and I’ve found the information I need do it. It make take me a few days to do the coding though. (This is an example of You can teach an old dog new tricks. It just takes longer.)

For now, just buy the book on your iBooks app! Meanwhile, I’ll be learning a new trick, growning new brain cells, and building a direct link to Claim Your Best Body – the Easier Way!  for your fellow iBooks users.