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July 19, 2016

How I’ve Healed from Past Surgeries in Half the Time

How I’ve Healed from Past Surgeries in Half the Time:

Continuous Improvement
We do our best to take care of our bodies. Time marches on. We keep up the continuous improvement, and, By God, we are in vibrant health! We feel so darn good that we beat up our bodies in fun ways—athletics and so forth. As the clock ticks on, the parts of our bodies that weren’t created to span a century demand our attention. We have to fix them up for the next several decades of fun. Whether you ski, kayak, dance, play baseball, or Pickleball (my all-time personal favorite), you’ll probably come to a point – maybe after 60, or maybe before – where surgery is a consideration.

Alas, Surgery
For me that time is now. Although I was told to have my feet surgically corrected when I was in high school, I chose not to. I got used to my feet hurting when I walked the streets of New York, carried my babies, took ballet as a young mother, danced tango in heels, hiked the Colorado mountains, and especially when I upped my Pickleball game to three days a week.

About two months ago, my feet stopped hurting intermittently and began waking me up at night with pain. (Note: There is an inside joke on the Pickleball courts: It’s the place to be if you need to find a good surgeon.)

Enough, I said. I’ll do the surgery! I considered this option for a good 46 years, so this one passes the due diligence test. Now I’m willing to go through with it. At least they can’t tell me I made a knee-jerk decision this time!

Rapid Recovery
I have been though several major surgeries, and healed in a miraculous fraction of the time because I used a protocol that I learned from my physicians, Dr. Jonathan Miller (classical homeopath), and Dr. Bruce Jones (anti-aging MD), as well as my own decades-long nutritional studies. These were so successful for me that I combined them and saved them in a file, labeled, “Surgery Protocol”. Thankfully, I still have that dog-eared file, 20 years and 12 moves later.

Will the Protocol Deliver This Time?
The difference now is, this surgery involves bones being cut, so I won’t know until it’s over how much the protocol will help in terms weeks-shaved-off recovery time. I will share my Surgery Protocol with you, not as advice, but as information you can use if you’re so inclined.

My left foot surgery took place on July 14th. My first post-op visit is tomorrow, and I’m pretty sure I’ll post at least a photo and some comments then. I hope you’ll stay tuned….Sue





July 17, 2016

My Very Most Favorite Exercise

This “rotating plank” exercise appears in the Chapter 3 Resource section of my book. The video shows the final position you will need to work up to–with a straight supporting arm. You’ll probably want to start down on your forearm, with your stacked feet up against a wall, or even one foot slightly in front of the other–and no weight. I stayed there for a month before moving up to a straight supporting arm. Then, I stayed there a month before stacking my feet. Finally I added a 2 lb. weight and worked up gradually. Now I’m at 5 lbs, which feels like plenty for me!

July 13, 2016

Find Out Your “Fitness Age”!!

Whew! Here’s a fun 2-minute info activity. Scientists have devised a  calculator to determine your “fitness age”, which can be decades apart from your chronological age, based on your lifestyle choices and how much and how hard you exercise. I’ve been feeling like a 23-year-old lately–even though I’m ancient–so this was fun for me.

Be aware that it’s not just about the exercise. Your diet, stress level, and happiness quotient are just as important to the mix.

I have always been hyperactive, and love to dance, hike, rollerskate–you name it. But for the past 10 months I’ve become a devotee of Pickleball–and it’s added the missing cardio element to my exercise habit. Turns out my “fitness age is just over half my unmentionable age.

Go ahead–try out the calculator and see how your “fitness age” compares to that number you hate to mention!



May 19, 2016

Choosing to honor what you know.

I’ve been experimenting with my belief system. Oftentimes in relationship I have been branded as a “picky” eater or “pain in the ___”, because I have figured out how to take care of my body and live free of pain and weight problems.

Over the past six months I’ve been working with my belief system–knowing that what one believes dictates one’s experience here on the planet. I decided not to be allergic anymore. A few years back I had gone into anaphylactic shock out of the blue and was told that I had a life-threatening allergy to anchovies. For three years I walked around with epi-pens in my purse and briefcase, rarely ate out, and when I did, was forced to put my waiter and chef through a laundry list of ingredients I couldn’t have.

Enough of that. I woke up one morning very clearly in the choice state–and chose not to be allergic anymore. I went to my allergist and scheduled a “challenge”. I was to go into the doctor’s office, and eat spoonfuls of pure anchovy paste for three hours, all while being monitored for any possible reaction. NONE. I was off that train.

Now I deliberately eat caesar salads and tampanade–complete with anchovies. It’s wonderful. I can dine out and order anything I want. This attitude extends toward gluten too. I allow myself wheat-laden foods when I’m in the mood.


The gluten still makes my joints hurt. And it puffs me up a bit. My tummy has a bloated look that goes away in a couple of days, provided I avoid gluten. My knees are aching right now, and I know that I don’t need pain meds. All I need to do is stop the gluten (and other food additives) and I’ll be back to my normal pain-free self.

Back to the belief system: I do think that I just haven’t given up the belief that gluten has this effect on my body–and that if I can get to the place I got to with the anchovie allergy, I can give up these symptoms. I’m just not there yet!

For now, I’m about 5 pounds up, because I’ve been with a guy who readily reminds me that my food preferences are a “pain in the ___”. So I try to act more normal on the food front. This morning, as I sit in bed writing this, I feel bloated, achy, and not really on my mental game.

My task today:
Honor what I know about my own needs. Let people have their opinions because those don’t really matter.

February 12, 2016

Laurie Graduates from Chapters 1 & 2

Dear Sue,   I was just about to write to you about how discouraged I feel, but as a reality check I weighed myself and have lost two more pounds even with getting off course again for a day.  My main obstacle has always been getting discouraged and giving up.  Well, this time I can’t.  A friend keeps telling me “sustain, which is my new mantra.

I so appreciate your words of encouragement and enthusiasm that are all through your book.  I just went through it again and love this, “PUTTING Chapters 1, 2, and 3 Together:  Since you’re also taking great care of your gut brain (Chapter 1) and have turned yourself into a fat-burning machine (Chapter 2), I can’t imagine anyone happier than you at this time.  Take a moment to congratulate yourself!”

Wow. Thanks.

I feel solid with Chapter 1.  Kefir is my new treat.  I am taking 4 probiotics daily, after building up slowly as you suggested.  I have another week and then will go back down slowly to one a day.  I am feeling pretty good about Chapter 2. Killer breakfast and protein snacks.  Thinking really is getting clearer!

February 4, 2016

Dear Luv: Suppertime Txt

Dear Luv,

Making a true Alfredo this evening. It is Heaven. I found the most wonderful rice linguini—you wouldn’t miss the wheat—and tossed it with my luxurious Alfredo (lots of butter, tons of heavy cream, a touch of garlic, and freshly grated parmesan) and plenty of fresh cilantro! Oh, yes—it’s topped with a perfectly broiled wild-caught Coho filet. Wine? For you, a light Sauv Blanc.

If only you were here. We could be hedonists together!


February 2, 2016

Introducing “Dear Luv: Suppertime Txts”

Suppertime is Yummy time.

Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun texting a “diary” of my luscious evening meals to a far-away gentleman, who I very much wish was here to enjoy them with me. I love to make really luscious meals, and have learned over the past decade that I don’t have to worry about fat because it’s not the fat but the starch that makes me puff out/gain weight/get flabby. I’m certainly not a model, but at my age and lifestyle, I feel really good at my current body composition–and I eat tons of fat!

The caveat here is this: if you want to lose weight, you will have to be careful how much fat you eat–until you get your body composition turned around. Once you do reach your right BMI (body mass index), and have established a reasonable exercise routine, you won’t believe how much yumminess you can enjoy without gaining weight (again, remembering not to eat starch very often)!

My meals are gourmet but simple. They are incredibly satisfying too. As I wait for my true love to join me, I imagine sharing food. What can I say? Stay tuned for a new series of posts titled, “Dear Luv: Suppertime Txts”.

January 28, 2016

Laurie Comes Back After a Slide

January 25:

Hi Sue,  I’m making a comeback.  Am in this for the long haul and knew there would be ups and downs.   Well…

Last week I got involved with my dark chocolate stash. This led to other things that shall not be named (Haagen Daz). My eating went back to old habits, but I continued with walking and other basic things.

I really thought I had gained a few, but when I weighed in for a reality check I hadn’t gained.  Hadn’t lost either.

 So now I am back and not putting pressure on myself–not too much anyway.

I love the Kefir with cinnamon and a little fruit.  Coconut oil is my new friend.  Who would have thought considering my life long aversion.

The taste-free kind adds that oily satisfaction I like.  My digestion is improving.  I don’t think I realized that it should be better until it got better!

January 25, 2016

GF or Not GF: Starch is the Culprit

It’s been one of those weeks. I fell off the wagon and rolled around in the mud.

Today I wondered why I couldn’t keep on task. I was depressed for no reason, grouchy, not productive, lacking in energy—even had to take a nap just to ease my funk.

I had to laugh at myself when I recognized this as the quintessential ME of the past—the one who didn’t know how much my food choices controlled my mind. (It’s the STARCH, Sue!) Fortunately I’ve eaten through all the cravings and there’s nothing left but the good stuff in my cupboards, freezer, and fridge. I don’t have alot of joint pain, because the junk I ate was all gluten-free.

Time to get life back on track!
Thankfully, I know how – and I know that it takes about 3 days to recover from all the abuse I just lavished on my body and mind. In a week, if I stay on track, I’ll be better than I was before the mudbath!

Turning back the calendar a few decades, I remember how amazingly fast my body changed once I learned that gluten was not my friend. I had stopped eating all gluten for a few days and lost what looked like 9 months of gestation….though I hadn’t been pregnant for centuries.

Back then we didn’t have all these yummy options for people who need to avoid gluten—not GF cupcakes, breads, cookies, pie crusts, pasta—you name it! Today we can go without gluten and barely miss a beat. Like I just did for a week. I do admit wholeheartedly that wheat tastes best. And I think a good chunk of heavy whole-grain wheat bread is arguably healthier than its GF cornstarch-laden imitations.

I went down from a size 10 to a size 4 in three months back then, just by nearly quitting grains altogether. I felt amazingly energetic, clear-thinking, and young. I have never felt better than at that time, when the most starch I would eat in a day was ¼ cup of steamed rice.

Tonight I will have a protein snack before bed, with just ½ an apple and perhaps a shot of plain kefir. Just watch how much I get accomplished tomorrow!




January 21, 2016

Laurie’s Down 6 Pounds – Hubby Loses 8

This is post #4 of Laurie’s weight loss journey:

Jan 14

L: Hi Sue,  finally tried Kefir.  I added blueberries and lemon extract because that is what I had on hand.  Oh man, it was good.

S: Good work. I have a crystal shot glass (actually a jigger) that I use to take a plain shot of kefir just before bed. The tryptophan helps me sleep, as well as having a little something in my tummy to dream on.

Jan 16

L: Hi Sue,  I had a “perfect” day yesterday.  Not that I was trying to. It just happened. Even better.
Down 6.
Glenn is getting on board!

S: Go Glenn!

Jan 19

L:Dear Sue,  thank you for the clarification on the mayo and fat in general.  I will cut back until I build more muscle. I just started an upper body routine which is a Good Thing since I have been working with injuries for a while.

Today I had some mental resistance, well a little more then some, but I remembered my goals and “hit the road” for a walk.  I was a “wind walker” turned “rain walker”, but after all I live in Oregon!

You mentioned that after having popcorn in the evening you would have a hangover the next morning.  Well, for some reason while watching Downton, I baked one ginger lemon scone.  I noticed the next morning I did not feel good.

Then, the other night someone handed me a piece of high sugar dark chocolate.  I had eaten well that day, but woke up the next morning hungry. I am starting to put the pieces together.

Glenn is inspired and has lost 8 pounds.  I love that ripple effect!

S: Laurie, everyone’s got a different tolerance for things like sugar. You’ve been dealing with so much illness for so long, that I think you need to be more vigilant than others. Before bed many of us like to eat. If you can try various protein snacks till you find one you really like, you’ll wake up feeling like a million bucks! How about a hard boiled egg and half a pear sliced up, with a shot of plain kefir? Not what most would eat at bedtime, but it may make a big difference for you. Recently I found a meat stick at the Natural Grocers that I really love. It’s not very pricey like some are, and it’s “clean”. I keep these big boys in my briefcase, in my car, and in my cupboard so there’s always a protein snack available that actually tastes like a treat! It’s called Vermont Smoke & Cure Beef and Pork stick. I like the cracked pepper flavor (there 3 different flavors).