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You don’t have to whip yourself into a frenzy and eliminate your favorite foods to achieve vibrant health.
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“I’ve spent the better part of my 61 years studying and practicing whole foods nutrition and alternative healing therapies. My passion – to make it easier for everyone to enjoy vibrant health – has been driving me for the past decade. This book is the result, and I believe it will help many people live happier, healthier lives.”

The knowledge Sue brings to her clients is a distillation of over 40 years of passionate exploration into nutrition, movement, and wellness. Sue has learned experientially from some of the cutting-edge medical and alternative physicians in the country. “I spent my adult life learning and applying whole foods, movement therapies, east-west medicine, life extension, yoga, homeopathy, herbal medicine, macrobiotics, body-mind centering, cranio-sacral therapy, Ayurvedic medicine, hyperbaric oxygen, and metaphysics. Even so, by the time I reached the age of 47, I was a train wreck. We had been under severe stress for years due to our son’s illness and death. I was cold, flabby, and depressed. My optimistic outlook all but vanished and I had a persistent haze in my head. Life just felt like drudgery. Something had to change!”

Use my 6 simple concepts to lose the gut, melt away fat, lower your A1C, think more clearly, banish cravings, improve your mood, increase your energy—and avoid the progression of the epidemic diseases of our day: type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer!


Some words from Sue's clients.We don't like to brag...others do it for us.

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October 5, 2017
Nothing Good About Artificial Sweeteners

I got quoted on the badness of artificial sweeteners in Vitacost’s blog. Here’s the full story by John Egan: Unpacking the “Baggage” of

September 5, 2017
Not All Who Wander are Lost

Not all who wander are lost. Sometimes, when we are open to it, we receive exactly the message we need. This must happen often, but I think we usually

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March 30, 2017
The Best Single Exercise

THE BEST SINGLE EXERCISE I call this the Rotating Plank. It tones your core, arms, shoulders, legs, obliques–really EVERYTHING– and you

March 16, 2017
The Key to Losing Weight

My article showed up today on Brain Hackers.com…and it’s taken directly from my book. This is the nitty-gritty in 5 minutes, so you can

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